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Photography Tutorials

Those of you in Colorado might be interested in the new site for
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Still a work in progress but exciting things will happen there!
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Another new site for you Colorado types.
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Welcome to GoingManual.com. I hope you find the photography tutorials useful.

Going Manual Photography Tutorials

If you're completely new to photography then enjoy the tutorials from choosing your camera to taking pictures using manual and semi auto settings, and post processing your images. If you're moving to digital photography from film, then the post processing section has the important adjustments you need to get the best from your image and prepare it for printing.

If you're on a tight budget then you'll be pleased to know all the tutorials can be completed using Free Open Source Software (FOSS). All content on this site is free.

I've included an e-book covering all the information in the tutorials section of the site, so you can study offline. Read the tutorials, have a go yourself and post the results in the forums. You'll be able to give and get feedback on the images posted here. You will also have access to answers to all your questions all you need to do is ask. No question is too simple, everyone is a beginner at sometime, just keep asking and keep learning!

The E-Books are available PDF format, just click the books above to download them. I have a new web-host. Very fast and I can finally afford to host the PDF files locally! Direct links to download them here.

Going Manual Website News

Sooooo, who remember the forums? They got hacked fast and hard, so I had to pull them. I promised I would replace then with a forum that was more geared to critique. There wasn't one so I decided to write it myself. Then my photography business took off and 70 hour weeks became the norm!.

Finally I finished stage one of the development. The result is the Photography Critique Forum! Giving (not getting) critique is the single most powerful learning tool available to you. I hope it helps!

This site is funded entirely by click through advertising. All information is provided to you free! You are under no obligation to click any of the ads in this site.

Sorry for putting ads on the site. I've had to get new web hosting recently due to the increased traffic. I'm paying out cash to keep this site online so have had to introduce the ads to help off-set the cost. I hope you understand.

I've set up the redirects from the old URLs to the new pages. Hopefully the transition should be seamless and old bookmarked URLs will now move to the new URL. This was all caused by my old hosting service, who has been replaced with a much better provider!

I'd still settle for 8 hours sleep every once in a while!

Simon - Developer, photographer and eBook author.


 Tutorial Lists 
Photography Tutorial


Part I – Gear

The Camera
 -  Focus
 -  Resolution
 -  MegaPixels Vs Print Size
 -  Sharpening

Semi auto settings
 -  Aperture Priority (Av)
 -  Shutter priority (Tv)

Zoom and Focal Length
 -  A Note About Sensor Size

Other Camera Features
 -  Viewfinders
 -  Lens Hood
 -  LCD screen
 -  White Balance

Extra Equipment
 -  Tripod
 -  Cable Release
 -  Filter systems
 -  Polarizer and ND filter
 -  External Flash
 -  Studio Lighting
 -  Reflectors

Part II – Capturing The Scene

Your First Manual Photo
 -  It's All About Exposure
 -  The Light Meter
 -  Exposure Explained
 -  Controlling Exposure

Creative Effects
 -  Aperture and Depth Of Field
 -  DOF Preview
 -  Shutter speed

Putting it all Together
 -  ISO
 -  Ap. & Shutter Relationship
 -  Stop for a minute
 -  So What?
 -  The Bulb Setting

Metering the Scene
 -  18% of Everything

Metering modes
 -  Matrix
 -  Average
 -  Center weighted
 -  Spot or semi-spot

Taking Meter Readings
 -  Expose for your subject
 -  Sunsets and sunrises
 -  Reflecting sun
 -  Night Exposures
 -  Moon
 -  Green Foliage
 -  Bright or White Scenes
 -  Dark or Black Scenes

Understanding Your Histogram
 -  Flash Metering


Lead in The Viewer Eye
 -  Point of Focus
 -  Fill the frame
 -  The Rule of Thirds
 -  Moving Subjects
 -  Print and frame Sizes

Different Styles

Learn by doing
 -  Giving and Getting Critique
 -  Portraits
 -  Groups
 -  Children
 -  Shooting Outdoors
 -  Silhouettes
 -  Macro
 -  Products
 -  Landscapes
 -  Sports and Action
 -  Panning
 -  Rear Sync Flash
 -  Abstract
 -  Long Exposures
 -  Black and White

A few Other Useful Things
 -  Blown Out Skies
 -  Neutral Density Filters
 -  Polarizing Filters
 -  Electronic noise

You're Half Way There!

Part III The Digital darkroom

 -  Computer hardware
 -  Card Reader
 -  Printers
 -  Mouse

Post Processing
 -  The Ethics of Altering
 -  Choosing Your Program

 -  Tutorials
Photoshop Tutorials

 Photoshop Primer
 Saving Your Image
 Adding a Border
 Using Levels
 Using Curves
 The S-Curve
 Correcting White Balance
 Improving Saturation
 The Clone Tool
 Correcting Lens Distortion
 Blending Multiple Images
 Black and White Conversion
 Sepia Conversion
 Reducing Noise
 Cropping for Different Print Sizes
 Working With RAW Files
The Gimp Tutorials

 The Gimp Primer
 Saving Your Image
 Adding a Border
 Using Levels
 Using Curves
 The S-Curve
 Correcting White Balance
 Improving Saturation
 The Clone Tool
 Correcting Lens Distortion
 Blending Multiple Images
 Black and White Conversion
 Sepia Conversion
 Reducing Noise
 Cropping for Different Print Sizes
 Working With RAW Files

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